South Africa
Wonderful Wetlands
The display at our Water Festival
The display at our Water Festival

On World Environment Day- 5th June, 179 Grade 1 learners were treated to a power point presentation on wetlands. They were shown different types of wetlands and the value of wetlands in our environment. We examined various plants and animals that live in a wetland and looked at the reasons why wetlands are being destroyed. Mrs Peyper built a wetland in front of the learners using a 2litre bottle, sand, rocks and plants and added in some dirty water. Once the clean water had filtered out, Mrs Peyper took a sip much to the disgust of the learners. A valuable lesson on filtration and the importance of wetlands was enjoyed by all. Some of the slides were printed and displayed at our water festival on the 15th June. The water festival was open to past pupils, parents and the community and many people viewed the display.

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