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Garden furniture Eco-bricks
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 20 June 2018

Some of our WE team members worked hard with Mrs Madiba and built some wonderful outdoor furniture under the trees. We made 3 sets of 3 -stool sitting areas, in other words we made 9 stools , each stool needed 19 bricks - so we used almost 180 to make these . We then made another longer bench which used another 80 or so bricks. After laying them out we covered them in a mixture of cement and sand. We used 2 bags of cement to cover and protect all our furniture.. look how great they look!

Remember 1 Eco-brick takes about 1 big black bag of rubbish... so our furniture has helped to contain about 260 black bags of rubbish and make that into something useful!!  



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