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Learners with some of the recycling bags
Learners with some of the recycling bags

We decided to focus on the 3 R’s of recycling with this project.
RECYCLE – We gave each teacher a specific bin in their classrooms to collect paper to recycle. We provided a sign to be placed on this bin so that the learners were aware of which bin was for paper only. I have made contact with the Municipality who brought us bags to use for the recycling and they will come and collect the paper when we have a load.
REUSE – We have made a box available in the resource room for overruns and paper that can be reused. Teachers can then take from this box when they need scrap paper in their classrooms for the learners to use. We also worked on Art projects to do that use old newspapers, magazines, etc. We are also encouraging the teachers to do art on the back of scrap paper to save on using new paper as the art will be stuck up on the walls and the back will not be visible.
REDUCE – We have made a poster for the resource room to encourage teachers to “Think before they ink”. The questions on the poster include: Can this be run off back to back? Does this need to be a worksheet or can it be done in the learners’ books? Are you sure of the number of copies that you need? We are encouraging the teachers to do more work in the learners;’ books and less worksheets to save paper.

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