South Africa
eco-bricking in progress
Posted by Cowan House Preparatory School, South Africa on 25 June 2018

The Cowan House children, from Gr RRR to Gr 7, were required to make and collect eco bricks, by stuffing empty 2 litre cool drink bottles with non recyclable plastics. These were collected and used to build furniture and a wall in our wetland and Butterfly garden. These are still under construction, more photos will follow once complete!! 

ECO BRICKS Put your plastic where it fits! Make an ECO brick! Over 100 ECO bricks have been collected by Cowan House pupils, in an effort to keep plastic where it fits best – in a 2 litre bottle that can be made into “furniture”. This project has made children aware of the excessive use of plastic, and the danger it poses in the environment. Well done to Grade 3 pupils who have collected the most ECO bricks. Their success was celebrated with a huge cake, awarded by the ECO Committee. Grade 4 children will use the ECO bricks to build benches in the wetland and butterfly garden. We have also appealed to the Hilton community to drop eco bricks off at Cowan House if they have made some at home.

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