South Africa
Our Fabulous Water Fest
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 26 June 2018

Ebomvini Primary , an Eco-School hosted a Water Festival under the Water Explorers programme.Officials , neighbouring schools and parents were invited as representatives of the community as a whole. The very successful festival was an outdoor event that consisted of seven tables talking about the conservation and importance of water . It's aim was to educate the community about the vitality and need for water. The Ebomvini staff and learners went the extra mile with their tables and their creative opening performances based on water which included poems , music and dance. The interesting and mindful presentations by learners came as a surprise to many of the visitors. You could see through their amazed faces that they are learning alot of things from the different sections. Ebomvini has truly blown the minds of many once again! The school would also like to thank the Explorers who visit our school for thir time to educate them about water methods and secrets , without that knowledge , there would be have been no point in having this fun yet extremely educating water festival.

There were about 800 hundred learners from our school, 20 officials and 40 parents.There were also different school representatives which made a total of 15.

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

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