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Terrific Trashion
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 28 June 2018

I was very pleased there to see many leaners and teachers that used wastes in their outfits.  What I experienced there is to see many children and other communities taking care of the environment and I also realised that pollution is an enemy to our health and the teachers and leaners who were there are making the earth pollution free and now.  I wish I could get a scholarship to go to enviro-school and teach people to take care of the environment

By Akhona Zwane, Grade 6

We saw many things happening in the trash competition .it was making the whole world realise that we can change the world and we can stop things that ruin and effect our environment .I t was so nice to see hundreds of children sharing those things that makes the world clean .it was not just to help the community or country even the world .so that it can change into something at the end that benefit all animals in the oceans and plants. We are going to have clean water.

By Noluntu Masinga, Grade 6

I was very inspired when I saw children caring for environment so much. I wish to thank Nikki Brighton and Gugu Zuma for starting trashion show and Water Explorer. They did a great job well done .when I am old I want to draw paintings that will show the world that must stop littering plastics


It was very nice to see children wearing their plastic clothes and I saw leaners caring for environment .it was a good thing learning about how to stop littering around the country or community or school. I learnt that if you want to stop littering, you must use wastes to make in a creative way.  We as enviromentalist we must make the world clean without plastic


I was happy to see 200 childern in a trashion show .I was also happy to see how much people take care of the world let us not pollute the world but we must take good care of it and the rivers, streams and oceans. Let us have a pollution free country. If all schools can do the same, the earth will be a wonderful place to live in.


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