South Africa
Plastic Poems
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 30 July 2018

I wrote these poems after we learnt about how much plastic is thrown away every year, and the damage this does to our world.



Plastic ruins our beautiful world so stop

Littering because

All plastic never ever breaks down

So now the sea is becoming a giant plastic soup

Tonnes of plastics are thrown away each year ending up

In the ocean, killing thousands of marine animals

Coastlines are ruined by plastics filling our once clean beaches

So stop spreading litter and save our seas.

Remember the Rs

Reuse, reuse!

Everything you can.


Say no to plastic bags and straws.


You don’t need all that plastic packaging.


Please, please stop littering.

Repair, repair!

Everything that breaks.

Recycle, recycle!

All your plastic waste.

Remember, remember the Rs!

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