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Making products from waste - precious water
Selling our products made from waste
Selling our products made from waste

Making products from waste:

This is an own challenge linked to precious water because by making new products from waste, water is being saved in the manufacturing process.

Danville’s Green Business, Originally Made Green (OMG), spent many hours skilfully crafting various items out of waste collected by the school. Products included bracelets and earrings from cereal boxes, containers from coke bottles, book marks from ice-cream sticks, pencil holders from jars and tea bags creatively painted and made into cards. 40 Environmental Society members were involved in the manufacturing process. Danville teamed up with local shopping mall, La Lucia Mall, to support them in their plastic free campaign. On Saturday 24 March Danville’s Environmental facet had a successful day at La Lucia Mall on Saturday 24 March selling the products. We were very grateful to La Lucia Mall Management for giving us this opportunity and to the public for their support. R1900 was raised on the day which was put towards our annual Environmental fundraiser (SANCCOB’s Adopt a Penguin Campaign), which is reported as the fundraiser challenge under global water.

Collecting plastic bags for the Magic Bean Foundation:

Danville’s Charity Committee initiated a plastic bag collection at school and these were donated to the Magic Bean Foundation.  They cut up the bags to make “wool” to make products from the plastic e.g. peg bags, handbags, dresses, hats. The message was “save our seas and help a local charity”. 

67 Minutes for Mandela:

For 67 minutes for Mandela Day, more plastic bags were collected by the whole school and all the grade 10’s (about 200 learners) were taught how to make the plastic ‘wool’ by the Magic Bean Foundation. A plastic bag is cut in a certain way to make one continuous strip. The wool was then donated to the Foundation for the ladies from Umlazi to crochet into their beautiful products.


Trust for Sustainable Living Essay Competition:

The Trust for Sustainable Living Schools Essay Competition is an international competition. This year, 1 150 entries were submitted from 50 countries around the world. 

Seven Danville learners submitted essays for the competition at the end of 2017.  The title of the essay was: “My plan to protect and manage our oceans, seas and marine resources”. Two Danville learners were announced as finalists which puts them in the top 10% internationally - an outstanding achievement. And one of our learners was announced in joint second place at the awards ceremony in the Seychelles – an outstanding achievement.

In the words of one of our learners - Today, we humans have a misconstrued perception that our earth is “dying”. Our earth is fine, it will remain present long after mankind has gone. Therefore, what requires recovery is humankind, as it is us who are creating our own nightmare; an environment not capable of sustaining life. By simply believing that you have the ability to change the world is the first step towards making a difference. If it is not us who are willing to change, then who is?

Visit to Ushaka and Sharks Board:

Grade 8’s visit Ushaka and Grade 9’s the Sharks Board every year to increase ocean awareness.   

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