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MiniSASSing the Masangweni Stream
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 22 August 2018
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This is the report done by 4 water explorer members : Nonkazimulo , Thandolwethu, Aneliswa and Anathi.On the 20th of August we went to our nearest stream by the name Masangweni, we were a group of 11 pupils and 4 educators who assisted how to did that minisass survey. We had the box of equipment with different tools to use while doing that activity.It was a sunny day , the time was 13:45, and the stream was sandy n have rocks.We used a microscope to assist when identifying the smaller insects and the groups of small nunus there.We had 42 total score and 9 groups. We then got an average of 4.6 of which was 5 when we rounded off that number. And that showed us the condition of our stream is poor .We learnt a lot about ecosystem , and we hope that it will be an ongoing process , because it is infused in our currucullum.Thanks to our Water explorer officialls and also our educators to give us this chance go world wide with environmental activities.

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