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Sharing knowledge and passion for our environment with UKZN graduates
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 19 September 2018
Showing off the Water Explorer program
Showing off the Water Explorer program

For the second year in a row, we have had the pleasure of hosting UKZN Students, who are currently studying their 4th year, Postgraduate Environmental Education Studies.

On Monday 10 September, about 60 UKZN Students arrived at our School to observe our Environmental Education Program. Three groups of about 20 were formed and rotated, as each group took part in the following:

  • A journey around our School whereby passed and current projects were observed
  • A tour of the recycling station, and some fun activities there
  • A presentation in the Boardroom of our classroom and outdoor environmental learning.

Thank you to Mr. James, who showcased the entire School’s environmental

accomplishments. Well done, and thank you to Grade 7 learners; Angelina Pillay, Jordan Schikkerling and Keelin Joel, who organised the quiz and “sort the recycling” games. Once again, this event was a huge success and an enjoyable time for all.




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