South Africa
Moringa challenge
Planting our moringa seeds
Planting our moringa seeds

We are very grateful to Julia who came to Danville to facilitate the moringa challenge to a class of 25 grade 10’s.

She started off telling us about what an amazing plant moringa is and its many amazing health and medicinal benefits. We were also surprised to find out how much moringa dried powder retails for. An idea would be to grow one’s own moringa leaves and harvest those.  

We then set about cutting open 2 litre bottles which were brought from home, made drainage holes in the bases and filled the bases with a mixture of potting soil and sand, and planted moringa seeds. The learners took the planted seeds home, watered them daily and were amazed how easily and quickly they germinated (within a couple of weeks). Pupils plan to transplant the seedlings into larger pots or into their gardens at home when they get bigger.  

We ended up learning how moringa powder can be incorporated into various recipes and made some delicious peanut brittle.  

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