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Building resilience in our communities: Droughts and floods
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This week Obed Mlala did an assembly talk on Droughts and Floods for an environment day. Extreme weather conditions like droughts and floods are going to become more frequent in the future with a changing climate and it is important that our community learn to adapt and prepare themselves. This will help to build resilience in our communities. This is what Headmistress Selvie Naicker had to say:


We launched the bottle top collection campaign in an attempt to reduce waste. We will call the South African paraplegic Association to collect before year end. They will donate a wheelchair to the needy. We can specify who is deserving of the wheelchair. The class that collects the most will get a trophy.

I gave a talk on World Environment Day and emphasized saving of water in everything we do.

I emphasized our projects like Bring a  Bottle so that they do not cup their hands to drink water .

I also emphasized keeping our environment litter free and to constantly remove invasive species.

I then introduced Lumka and Thembisile to do their presentation on Floods and Droughts and how people were affected. I'm just a bit disappointed that the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change did not come through clearly in their talk. They tried to involve some of their friends in participating in the topic but they felt very shy when they saw that they were being video filmed."

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