South Africa
Take out with a twist
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 26 July 2019
Well done, Abila!
Well done, Abila!

We are extremely proud of Grade 6 learner, Abila Mthombeni, who has shown incredible responsibility towards the environment. Abila (pictured left) took on a Water Explorer challenge, where she took her own container to a popular take away outlet. When asked by the employees why she refused their customary food packaging, Abila began to explain how waste is increasingly becoming more of a danger and threat to the environment. We hope that Abila’s bravery and passion towards the environment will positively influence and educate many more people. Abila says that at the shopping markets, she also refuses plastic bags, as her family use their own reusable bags for all of their groceries—including the fruits and vegetables. This trend is certainly a wonderful way to look forward to a more sustainable future. 


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