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Marching for our Oceans and Rivers
Posted by The Birches, South Africa on 7 August 2019
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In celebration and acknowledgement of all that our Oceans and rivers do for us we decided to organise a Torch walk and make a sculpture of a fish out of plastic waste. Our 'Fish' was lit up on the field at The Torch Walk. This fish symbolises our dire need to work for cleaner oceans and rivers!Notice...all school colour groups are represented in waste plastic. Special thanks for the effort made by the whole school and supportive parents to highlight this event. As Water Explorers we need to keep our rivers and oceans clean. We have also created a pledge wall for all learners, parents and visitors to the school to sicgn their pledge of how they will protect our water resources. This is again in line with plastic free July, which we need to keep going beyond just july!  The number of pledges made thus far is amazing!

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