South Africa
Energetic mother earth
Posted by Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa on 2 October 2019

Science is an important and scarce skill in South Africa and learning about the environment is very much part and parcel of learning science. Today Julia came and did a lesson on alternative energy to fossil fuels. We looked at the pro’s and con’s of alternative energy like solar, hydroelectricity, wind, geothermal and wave action and realised that nature provides us with an infinite source of clean, green and renewable energy if we use science and technology to tap into natures abundance. We learn thermodynamic principals like conduction, radiation, reflections, concentration and convections all these principals being a recap of what we were already doing in the syllabus. The children had great fun learning how to make their own panel solar cookers and testing them out. Our next challenge is to finish our letter to the Minister of Energy urging government to take action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

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