South Africa
Revisiting our stream and testing again
Posted by Nobanda Primary Enviro Club, South Africa on 24 October 2019
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Written by Nozipho and Sthembile 

During our Mini-Sass on the 23rd of October 2019

WE went to our Mabane River.We found out that when

it rained there are so many species that we found in

Streams.We learnt a lot.We had an amazing experience

And a good time. There were people  who were  afraid  of

Frogs and crabs.Some didnt even know what crabs looks

Like but yesterday they got a chance  to see what they look 

Like.We took photos of different animals and us.

The results of the miniSASS was 5, 5 which indicates our stream is still in poor condition unfortunately 


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