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What is the greenhouse effect?
Posted by Enkelobantwana full service , South Africa on 22 November 2019

For the past two lessons, we have been discussing climate change, the science, the causes and the solution. Today the children got to analyse different types of alternative energy like wind, hydroelectric and solar. This is the energy of future, say Mrs Madiba “ We need to save electricity by choosing sunrays” After learning about the different principals involved in solar cooking food examples: absorption, insulation, reflection and the greenhouse effect, they got to test out these principals to see how to effectively maximize the solar energy. Using to solar cookers, one with glass covering the other without, they discover that just like the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere that trap the sun energy, the glass sheeting also works in the same way. We call this the Greenhouse affect.  By observing the cooking of apples, they noticed how the solar cooker covered wit a glass panel was far more effective. Mrs Madiba saw very excited to report her finding, perhaps using this experiment as a future science expo project. At the end of the talk, learners were asked to come up with 6 words relating to climate change. The competing group then had to try and guess the word. This was great activities to make a connection and built vocab.

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