South Africa
Mitigating carbon dioxide content
Posted by Nobanda Primary Enviro Club, South Africa on 31 January 2020
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Learners learnt a lot about fossil fuels and other greenhouse gasses that are being used by us humans in an alarming rate that have an impact on the drastic change in climate that has an inter-connection with extreme weather events that are currently happening globally. Learners had fun while playing a climate change game that link with the lesson that was taught. The video of a young girl (Greta Thunberg) which is pleading to the world leaders to make a change on preserving nature, & spreading the word that we can still rectify the damage we have done to our environment. We also planted spekboom which helps in sequestrating carbon dioxede content in the atmosphere about 4-10 as much carbon dioxide than any other plant in South Africa.

Nobanda Primary Educator (Mrs Shezi) wrote

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