South Africa
High hopes for Phumelelani
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 3 February 2020
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Permaculture has always been at the heart of Phumelelani and with the blessing of a new enthusiastic full time gardener and hopefully a new shade cloth tunnel garden, we are thrilled to learn all about gardening for the sustainability of our planet and our people.

It was a hot day so we decided to beat the heat and get into the garden first thing. Together with the Eco-team and Julia and Sebe we prepped 3 beds with nitrogen rich cow manure, chicken pellet and bone manure for phosphate. We then “learnt by doing” and transplanted seedlings together in a polyculture system of companion plants; beetroot with kale, spinach with lettuce and onions with cabbage. We also planted seeds to make sure a year-round harvest teaching children about successional growing, harvesting and sowing.

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