South Africa
Spekboom helps curb carbon
Posted by Danville Park Girls' High School, South Africa on 10 February 2020

Environmental Society started off on a high note with 41 learners signing up. Julia Colvin from Water Explorer gave us an extremely engaging presentation on climate change. We discussed how our actions are causing climate change and the effects of climate change that are affecting us directly - more extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods, more fires and of course warmer temperatures. We need global solutions to this global problem and we discussed what needs to be done at a global, national and individual level.

One of the solutions to climate change is to encourage the planting of spekboom, an indigenous, water-wise plant which absorbs between 4 to 10 times more carbon dioxide than any other plant. Eating five leaves a day will also supply our daily vitamin C requirement. We all planted cuttings of spekboom and members took these home to nurture and eventually plant in our gardens. Danville has spekboom growing in the school gardens. We are going to grow spekboom to sell for our Environmental Fundraiser for this year.      

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

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