South Africa
Hands-on experience :Making (Solar Cooker & growing their own crops)
Posted by Manor Gardens Primary School, South Africa on 18 February 2020

The first lesson learners learnt about the crisis and extreme weather events that is caused by climate change by using more fossil fuels that releases greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, they also learnt about the alternative energies that can be used to mitigate the effect of climate change by using natural clean energy that does not pollute the environment or release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Speaking of alternative energy to mitigate climate change, learners also made their solar cooker that they will use to cook their food in these extreme loadshedding times, learners appreciate the hands on experience of making their own solar cooker since they can see how and why it is efficient, hence they can link what was taught in the lesson and they can also make or construct a solar cooker that they can also use. The second session learners we taught about good & bad companion plants that can help each other in providing nutrients to the other while the other can repel pests, some plants do not grow well together since they use the same resources hence they compete for the same resources. Mulch in the form of cardboards were used to prevent weeds from growing in their garden and also retain moisture content and soil holding capacity before the fertile compost was used in the garden to grow the crops into 

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