South Africa
Once in old Howick Park
Posted by Howick Pre-Primary School, South Africa on 25 September 2020

At Howick Pre-Primary you are never to young to learn about tacking environmental issues that face our planet. Today the Chameleon Group learnt all about why is important not only to reduce our waste but recycle. Looking at variety of recyclables like glass, cardboard and tins, the young learners also realised that we can recycle our organic matter like vegetable peelings and grass cuttings. Composting our organic waste is a great way of making healthy fertile soil for our plants to grow well. We then went on to looking at ways to speed up the composting process. Showing the children a selection of red wriggler worms from Bridget’s portable worm farm the children got to touch and explore these magnificent creatures. They learnt how to establish their own wormery and how to take care of them. In a fun poem, Julia spoke about the importance of worms to digest organic, produce fertile worm tea and toil and aerate the soils. We then finished the lesson designing our own funky worm from cardboard boxes. Well done to all.

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