South Africa
The power of plants for us and the planet
Posted by Reichenau Primary , South Africa on 29 September 2020

Here's what the Teachers said about the Eating for the Earth Workshop! 

I gained that eating more plants is much better than eating animal products and also have much better results healthwise. Its not easy to change but with the knowledge we now have just makes it easier. Thanks a lot for teaching I really appreciate it.

The workshop was helpful to me learning how to make immune boosters and natural sanitizer using herbs.

The use of herbs and its benefits

Controlling our diet by eating vegetables

We thank you so much

I have learned more about the cause of disease eg diabetes and strokes . I have also learned about the importance of weeds we can include in our diets. The importance of eating food with less sugar and to reduce food with fats.

I was so much impressed about the immune booster because everyone needs it. It was exciting to know how to make it. So much information about plant-based vs animal based. The info we get is wonderful, everything is unknown to us, they opened our eyes.

The things that is very important to know is about eating more plants. To manage my weight through the food I eat. To reduce sugar and processed takeway foods

I also enjoyed the info about the plants around us. I learned that we can live healthily without visiting doctors. I am so grateful to attend this workshop.

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