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Lets Make Dirty Water Drinkable
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Posted by Home School Nature Club, South Africa on 30 April 2016
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Which filter worked best and why?

Let’s make dirty water drinkable!

Some very excited and eager Water Explorers dared to enter the wonderful world of water today as they met at Umgeni Valley for their first Home School Nature Club meeting!  The children will be following the resources and lessons of the Water Explorers p

Earth Day 2016 - Celebrating the Earth and our Waterful Achievements
Posted by King's School, South Africa on 29 April 2016
Think before you eat
Posted on 29 April 2016
Our top 10 posters win an Eco Club Kids magazine
Fun paper making saves paper
Posted by Hilton Montessori School, South Africa on 28 April 2016
1 page needs 10 litres of water to make.. imagine how many pieces of paper the tree in the photo could make!
World Wetlands Day
Posted on 28 April 2016
Two of the beautiful posters made by the learners showing what they learned about wetlands
We pledge to eat less water by...
Posted by Hilton Montessori School, South Africa on 28 April 2016
We are serious about our pledges
Waterful Wetlands
Posted by Manor Gardens Primary School, South Africa on 28 April 2016
Checking out the awesome wetlands at Tala
#save water
Posted on 28 April 2016
#save water
Practice makes perfect
Posted by Mpo Enviro-Champs, South Africa on 27 April 2016
Fracking - No way!
Posted on 27 April 2016
Water Efficiency using the old Egyptian methods
Posted on 27 April 2016
Thank you Water Explorers!
Posted on 22 April 2016
We celebrated EARTH DAY by running challenges in Grd1,2,4 and 5
Wonderful Wetlands
Posted on 22 April 2016
Cutting off our Water
Posted on 21 April 2016
Water wise palette gardens
Posted on 15 April 2016
Enviro Cub hard at work!
Grade R - River Outing
Posted on 15 April 2016
Deutsche Schule Durban hosts Water Explorer Workshop
Posted on 14 April 2016
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Posted on 11 April 2016
A treat by the Playhouse Dance Residency
A hike up the hill gives us a new view of our water
Posted on 7 April 2016
Our view of Midmar dam
Flying High
Posted by glenridge pre primary, South Africa on 6 April 2016
Showing off our new International Eco-School Flag

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