South Africa
Recycling plastic like never before!
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 30 January 2017
Some of our regular recyclers pose with our newest bench

Earlier during this week, our third and fourth plastic benches, and about 20 recycled plastic planks arrived. The process of these recycled plastic planks and benches, is as follows: Scottsville learners recycle plastic bottles at school, which are then collected by Central Waste, and once accu

The Water Rap!
Posted on 28 January 2017
Organic Rocks!
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Posted on 28 January 2017
Organic Rocks
Please Help Save Water!
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Posted on 26 January 2017
Every drop in the ocean
Posted on 25 January 2017
Our star water pledges opening up like flowers
Jojo tanks jump into action !
Posted by Corrie Lynn School, South Africa on 13 January 2017
Water explorers come and admire the repairs after a long summer holiday
Nature and Biodiversity
Posted by Allandale Primary School, South Africa on 3 January 2017
Our proud display at this years Garden Show in PMB
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